Physio and hydrotherapy

As a specialist learning and physical disability physiotherapy team we support private clients as well as TikTok成人版 learners and citizens.

We create a tailored physiotherapy programme for each of our clients to meet their individual needs.  We can support with muscle coordination and strength, balance, pain reduction, cardiovascular fitness, circulation, increasing bone density, bladder and bowel function, stamina, postural management and orthotics. 

Our state-of-the-art gym equipment includes virtual reality technology and we have one of the largest hydrotherapy pools in the UK. 

To find out more or see our fantastic facilities, watch our video. 

Physiotherapy gym

In the gym

We can help you to improve your physical health and well-being through:

  • Exercise programmes
  • Massage
  • Standing practice
  • Mobility practice
  • Postural management
  • Wheelchair assessment
  • Orthotics monitoring and onward referral
  • Sensory sessions
  • Rebound therapy

In the pool

We create tailored aquatic physiotherapy programmes which use the effects of water to help reach your goals. 

Being in the water is an enjoyable experience and provides many health benefits.  It can help with pain, muscle tone, range of movement and social interaction.

The pool features ramped access, a seated jacuzzi area and hydro swim jet.  Our large, accessible changing rooms include two changing beds with overhead tracking hoists. 

Our lighting and music system means we can create lots of different atmospheres in the pool to help with your treatment. 

Hydrotherapy Pool
Learner in a wheelchair abseiling

In the Woodlands

All clients have different needs.  Our physiotherapists work with individuals to develop a bespoke programme that suits their needs and goals. 

Our unique facility enables us to incorporate climbing, abseiling and other outdoor activities into our physiotherapy programme.  

The fully accessible centre has a 7m climbing and abseiling tower, 90m zipline, woodland trails, a bushcraft area and musical and sensory play equipment. 

VR and AI Therapy

Our innovative use of Virtual Reality Headsets in physiotherapy has delivered astonishing results for our clients. Its intended use is solely for leisure and gaming purposes and we are taking it out of that context and using it to engage people in a neuro-rehabilitation setting.

We invested in 360 Degree imagery and headsets for commercial and promotional purposes, but it soon became clear how beneficial the technology can be in physiotherapy.

Virtual Reality rehabilitation is the cutting edge of physiotherapy and it allows people with neuro-impairment to really engage with therapy.  As part of therapy, they complete exercises with repetitions of 100鈥檚 or 1000鈥檚, and VR gives an engaging medium through which they can support their physiotherapy programmes.

Virtual Reality Session in Physio

Meet the Team

Physio team - Peter

Peter Down
Senior Physiotherapist

Physio team - Kirsty

Kirsty Huntington
Senior Physiotherapist

Physio team - Fran

Francis Fisk
Physiotherapy Assistant

Physio team - Michelle

Michelle Hopkinson
Physiotherapy Assistant

Physio team - Michelle P

Michelle Powell
Physiotherapy Assistant

Physio team - Alison

Alison Topping
Physiotherapy Assistant

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