Jindal nixes ethics bill

Bayou Buzz reports that Jindal vetoed ethics legislation that would have required all elected officials, including Jindal, to disclose if a political appointment was also a campaign contributor.
Jindal supposedly rejected it because he disagreed with a problem with the wording. However, this bill was not just sprung on Jindal. He knew it was coming down the pipe and could have suggested other wording that may have been to his liking. My theory is that the only wording that would have made it to Jindal’s liking would be if it had said “except for the Governor”.
So here was an example of real ethics reform, yet Jindal vetoed it? How much more do people need to see to realize that he really is the person we said he was.
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The Jindal Mistake

The Nation has a must read article about Bobby Jindal called The Jindal Mystique. At first, when you start reading it, you might think “what are you talking about, this sounds like another Jindal fluff piece”. But once you think that this article will just be a “lets praise the wunderkind”, they throw a very refreshing curveball:
Perhaps because the media have fixated on Jindal’s image, rapid rise and sweeping popularity, they have left his voting and policy records largely unexamined.
This is exactly what I have been saying from day one. No real investigative reporting had been done by Jindal by major media outlets whatsoever. I am impressed that Deepa Fernandes not only mentions this but also takes the time to actually discuss his record.
Countless articles have sung the praises of this “wunderkind”–who changed his name from Piyush to Bobby (he was a fan of the youngest boy on The Brady Bunch) and converted from Hinduism to Catholicism–yet few have delved into the “whip smart” governor’s ideology.
Jindal also initiated cuts to the healthcare system that made it much harder for doctors to treat poor patients.
Again, what I have been saying since day one.
The only thing the article is missing is the actual failure of Jindal to bring meaningful ethics reform to Louisiana and that the office of the Governor is the least transparent in the nation. However, there is much more time to write more articles.
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Where is Trotsky?

I wonder if the poster, Trotsky, will have the integrity to come here and say that I was correct about Jindal and his hypocricy and lack of sincerity.

Recall for Bobby Jindal!

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) – The Louisiana Secretary of State’s Elections Division says it has received a recall petition for Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal.
The move comes amid Jindal’s refusal to veto a pay raise for state legislators.
Forcing a recall election against Jindal will be a tough task.
It would require verifiable signatures from well over 900,000 registered Louisiana voters.
In a press conference yesterday, Gov. Bobby Jindal commented on the passage of a bill that will double legislators’ pay and that has angered Louisiana residents. “I’ve learned my lesson,” Jindal said. Things are going to be different in the Legislature from now on, and he’ll hold a “much tighter rein” on lawmakers next time around, the governor said. But he’s still not going to veto the bill, although he promised to do just that in his election campaign for governor.

Don’t cross Bobby Jindal

Mr. “transparency in Government” himself, Governor Jindal, is not only refusing to listen to military advisors he appointed for issues surrounding the Louisiana National Guard, but he is not letting anybody see the report they submitted either. According to T-P:
The Louisiana National Guard is suffering from low morale, leadership problems and nepotism, according to a group of retired generals appointed by Gov. Bobby Jindal to review the military department’s operations.
The governor’s office, however, has dismissed some of the suggestions made by the generals and has refused to release the report, citing executive privilege.
So executive privilege now trumps transparency? I wonder how the hacks who support Jindal and everything he does will defend that.
The article discusses a letter to the administration by Adjutant Gen. Ansel “Buddy” Stroud and a response by Timmy “my homeschooled homeboy” Teepell. An important statement by Stroud involving all this is:
“Our committee members . . . were told that the reason for our mission was to keep politics out of the process,” Stroud’s letter says. “Because of this statement, these committee members agreed to devote their valuable time to the project. Obviously, we were misled regarding this.“
That just goes to show that Jindal will say one thing and do another.
“I just wished the governor would have approached this in a manner that was more open, and not as divisive as it has become in the last week,” said retired Brig. Gen. Sam deGeneres, a member of the panel. “He has challenged Gen. Stroud’s integrity, as well as ours, and that’s not acceptable. Mr. Teepell owes Gen. Stroud a public apology and he owes the members of the committee a public apology.”
I wouldn’t expect one from Mr. Teepell. The arrogance of the Jindal administration is clear and Homeschool has that arrogance down to a T.

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Retired Brig. Gen. Kenneth Ross said he and his fellow panel members put in days of work only to be rudely dismissed by the governor’s office. He said he hoped the panel’s concerns about the Guard would reach the governor.
“I’m actually mystified,” Ross said. “I thought Bobby Jindal was smarter than this.”
Well, a lot of people thought a lot of things about Governor Jindal that they are now finding to be false. If only someone had been around to reveal those things about Bobby Jindal ahead of time….
And as if this wasn’t enough, while listening to Jeff Crouere this morning I heard that Jindal replaced the now former head of the Louisiana Highway Safety Commission Colonel James Champagne. Why? Cause Bobby Jindal promised the bikers that he would repeal the helmet law and the Colonel was against such a change. He fought Governor Foster when Foster tried to repeal the helmet law during his administration. Champagne helped Blanco get the law reinstated. So now that Jindal wants to allow bikers to splatter their brains all over the highway, the best way to do that is to remove someone from the LOUISIANA HIGHWAY SAFETY COMMISSION who is trying to make sure that Louisiana’s Highways are safe. Go figure.
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When do we get to say “I told you so”?

Over on Liberty and Justice for All, I have posted several recent discussions on the recent ethics session.
Less than a month into his term, Jindal’s campaign is being investigated for ethics violations.
Jindal avoided the public records law by only holding meetings where a quorum would not be reached.
Jindal’s administration kept up with the idea that we needed to solve the “perception” of ethics problems instead of stating that we have to solve the ethics problems.
We have seen that Jindal’s “bold” ethics agenda wont take effect until 2012. So much for his comments like “we must wipe the slate clean” and “We must be bold”.
Then Jindal wants to remove some of the transparency of the ethics board and strip them of powers, actions that the head of the ethics board thinks would remove the independence of the ethics board.
Jindal then opposes a bill that would increase transparency on the Governors office. He feels that businesses should be able to have back room deals with the state. Jindal also fails to hold his own staff up to the same standards he is demanding for others when he seemed to have no problem with Timmy Teepell getting free tickets to Hannah Montana.
As this session goes on, I am absolutely sure that we will see more and more hypocricy coming from Jindal and others in his administration. At what point will the Jindal apologists wake up and realize that, just as Dennis Green stated of the Bears, “they (the Jindal administration) are who we thought they were!”.

Jindal investigated on ethics charges

So far, all we know is that Bobby Jindal is being investigated for an alleged failure to report over $100,000 in campaign contributions by the ethics board.
$100,000 is not a simple oversight, so if he really did fail to report over $100,000 we definitely need to know who it came from and why it wasn’t reported.
And while these are not charges and not proof of anything wrong, Jindal did say that our states ethics concerns are more about perception than reallity. So, what will the perception be when a Governor, who ran on an ethics platform, is now suspected of ethics violations less than one month into his term.
Update: Bobby Jindal has agreed to pay the fine instead of disputing the ethics violation. What a great start for Bobby Jindal and ethics reform. I wonder how many eyes outside of Louisiana will be rolling their eyes and laughing at him and us.
Update #2: According to the T-P, “the violation is relatively minor”. Why am I not surprised the T-P would call a Jindal ethics violation minor? And Roger Villere wondered why Jindal had to pay the fine? Roger, it is a little thing known as “the law”. I guess Republican elite doesn’t feel that the law should apply to them.
Update #3: Jindal cannot pay the fine to get rid of this quickly. The ethics board says a full investigation has to take place and Jindal must allow the full process to take its course. So… sorry Bobby, but this wont be going away for a while.
Update #4: C.B. Forgotston compares Jindal’s campaign rhetoric to his actions. Thanks to Oyster for this to our attention.

Gambit calls for campaign finance reform.

Surprisingly enough, the Gambit Weakly has called for Bobby Jindal to go after campaign finance reform in the ethics session. One of their suggestions in their recent editorial was:
Include Campaign Finance. Most if not all statements that Jindal has made on the subject of ethics reform have been conspicuously silent on the subject of campaign finance. Cynics would argue that that’s no coincidence ” the new governor raised more than $15 million in his successful campaign last year, so why would he want to tinker with laws that allowed him to do that? We give Jindal the benefit of the doubt ” for now.
Now, I quoted it exactly as it is stated on the website so the punctuation may be a bit confusing. It should read:
Cynics would argue that that’s no coincidence ” the new governor raised more than $15 million in his successful campaign last year, so why would he want to tinker with laws that allowed him to do that?” We give Jindal the benefit of the doubt for now.
Now, that makes more sense. Unfortunately they give him the benefit of the doubt. Many people I know who are demanding campaign finance reform as being something that is required for meaningful ethics reform to take place do not give Jindal the benefit of the doubt. Why? Well, according to the Gambit we are “cynics”. But even the Gambit understands the problem with money and politics when it states:
we want to underscore our point that campaign finance is where many of the dirty deeds are done in Louisiana politics. To some, campaign contributions constitute a legal pathway around bribery laws. If we really want to clean up Louisiana’s image, we have to recognize the old political adage, ‘Money is the mother’s milk of politics,” and then, in Watergate jargon, we must ‘follow the money.” If Jindal is serious about ethics reform, he will put campaign finance reform high on his ‘to-do” list. Do it now, Governor, not later.
And that is what we have been saying this entire time. We view Bobby Jindal’s accepting funds from people who circumvent campaign finance laws and then promoting those people to offices in his administration as one of the problems in ethics laws and while we demand the changes to help fix our state, we have no faith that someone (like Jindal) who would circumvent state bribery laws (as the Gambit put it) will make meaningful campaign finance reform as part of his ethics package. This makes the ethics package an “ethics lite” package and at the end of the day we will still be stuck with the same corrupt system.

Why Bobby Jindal’s ethics plan is already a failure.

The advisory council appointed by Bobby Jindal to suggest ethics reform has completed its suggestions. There are some good ideas in the plan and I will not begrudge anybody for trying to clean up Louisiana. However, this statement explains why Louisiana will still be a corrupt state after all is said and done.

10. Undertake a review to reform campaign finance laws. Because this issue was not a primary focus of the Council, members recommend conducting additional research to determine specific measures for campaign finance reform.

The fact that campaign finance law was not a primary focus of the Council says a lot about how meaningful this reform will be. Of course, I am not surprised that Bobby Jindal did not make campaign finance reform a priority. Bobby Jindal benefits by our current system of campaign finance laws. As I have shown both on here and on jindalisbad.com, and others have showed on other sites, Bobby Jindal has gotten campaign contributions from people who abuse the loopholes by using multiple corporations to funnel tens of thousands of dollars to his campaign.

In fact, I wonder how many of these suggestions made by the advisory council will impact Bobby Jindal’s reelection campaign. My guess would be that nothing in what is suggested will impact Bobby Jindal whatsoever. I am sure any legislation will be drafted in such a way to make sure that Bobby Jindal can follow the same unethical practices he embraced in previous campaigns.

Finally, if you want to know how tough Bobby Jindal is going to be on ethics reform, all you have to do is look at his executive order on the required financial disclosures of his cabinet members. They are not required to file them immediately, or in 30 days or even 90 days. They have to file them by January 2009. Such tough standards Jindal has set up for his own staff… a year? You have to be kidding me! Oh, I’m sure his worshipers will still lift him up as a paragon of virtue. And I am sure than when an ethics bill gets passed he will be seen as a hero and the T-P will sing the praises of Jindal and his hard work.